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Reik Flowers

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:11 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
Reik Flowers After participating in at least 1 auction 120,000 G David It's going to be sold at the auction. Make the winning bid on Reik Flowers.

Sonnet: Have you ever participated in an auction before? This is a quest from David. He manages an art museum. Something called Reik Flowers is apparently going to be sold at the next auction. Your job is to make the winning bid. The reward money is 120,000 G.

Auction picture of reik flowers

Once you've accepted the mission, fly yourself all the way to Phorchoon and enter the auction room. You'll find David standing there with his arm out. He'll give you 50,000 G to bid with at the auction. Simply put: don't bid on anything else in the auction; just stand and watch until the Reik Flowers is shown. Your goal is to pay for as little as possible in the auction for the Reik Flowers. However, these flowers are much more expensive than 50,000 G so it's unlikely (but not impossible) for you to get under this amount. With this, David gives a Resurrect Bottle (You may receive an <Angel's Miracle> instead). Now, head back to the guild to get your big reward of 120,000 G!

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