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The Golden Giant

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:11 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
The Golden Giant Immediately 90,000 G The Central Continental Union Go to Gale Canyon. Investigate the Golden Giant you'll find there.

Sonnet: This is a quest from the Central Continental Union. 'The Golden Giant' has been showing up in Gale Canyon. You're to investigate. The reward is 90,000 G.

Golden Giant

After accepting the quest, head out to Gale Canyon from the northern entrance. As you're following the path, you'll notice the Golden Giant in the background pretty easily. Simply follow the trail that leads you to the Golden Giant and start the battle with it (at which point you'll find that the name of the creature is actually Gorgoneon).

Once you defeated the creature, Balzac and Phanta will show up to the scene. Balzac is angry because the party killed the Gorgoneon before they could get to it and threatens to hurt Lang. After the odd cutscene, head back to the guild and get your reward! You'll also get a weapon called the Gaia Blade (<Lang's Weapons>) as a thank-you gift.

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