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Arena Phorchoon

If you played Legend of Legaia, you should be really familiar with the Arena setting and how fun it can be. The Arena in Phorchoon is just like the one in Legend of Legaia, except better. It not only has the normal battle mode, but additional ones like Gambling Arena and Dream Arena. Depending on the one you choose will depend on the types of enemies you battle against. Below are some lists of enemies you can battle in the Arena. Note that these are incomplete

When first battling in the arena, there's a good chance that you'll be doing it for the competition in winning the dragon to fly to the Wind Tower. The list of enemies is different from the typical Arena matches that you can battle in. So, to start things off, the first table will list these enemies.

Note that the player will also heal after rounds are completed successfully. The recovery amount will depend on the number of turns you defeated the enemy. In one turn will award an 80% Recovery Bonus, 2 turns 50%, 3 30%, and 4+ 10%.

Dragon Competition

  1. Dark Jackal
  2. Dangerous Zone
  3. Wasteland Outlaw
  4. Gormekila
  5. Helhound
  6. Beefcake
  7. Dark Executioner
  8. Gorva
  9. The Black Swordsman

After defeating Gorva, Lang is awarded 500 coins. Suddenly, the Black Swordsman will come out and battle Lang. Considering there's no one to help with Variable Art's and such, this battle can be quite difficult. It's a good idea to make sure you've already had a good meal and equipped Lang with the Power Necklace for full battle preparedness.

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